Native App ? Jquery Mobile + PHP + mySql ? JSON ?

Native App ? Jquery Mobile + PHP + mySql ? JSON ?

Hello folks,

I am totally new to jQuery Mobile, native apps and JSON issues. So forgive me if this question is so simple to you guys but I could not find any answer to my specific question at anywhere since now.

What I have learned so far is:
A native iOS app could be written with jQuery Mobile + HTML5 and can access to phone specific things (like cam, gps etc.) with Phonegap and can be compiled with it to put on the AppStore.

My scerio:

I will have a website where I will sell some sort of boutique sutff. I will put everything on a MySQL database and fetch data with php to create related html pages like any shopping site.

My issue is:

How can I achive that with jQuery Mobile and HTML5 in a native iOS app? People say that I cannot run php on a native app to fetch data from a webserver in a native app. The solution is JSON they said.

Is there any sample of it?
What can you suggest?
What is the solution?

Thanks folks.