Need Help with Ajax + AJaxStart + spinner

Need Help with Ajax + AJaxStart + spinner


I want to have a spinner animation when ever an ajax request happens. So what I did was I made an div with an image in it of the spinner.

Now it all works when a call is made it works and stuff and when it is done it goes away(I have the AjaxStop one setup)

Now the thing is where should I display it? Like I would like to put it right where the user is looking at but I don't know how to even do that. Like I going to be using this on a couple pages so I can't even try to do somthing like middle of the page since each page would be a different size. Plus my pages are longer then they have content so middle of page might be like in no mans land where they won't see it since thats now where they are scrolled.

So I have no clue how to even do this. I was thinking maybe try to find out the middle of tabs container(I am using jquery UI tabs) so I am not sure that would be a good solution but I don't know how to find that out either.