Nested param serialization

Nested param serialization

Hi Folks,

I'm experienceing some problems with jQuery 1.4(.1) with the "new" ajax param serialization.
My code does basically this:

  1. var ajaxparams = {
                        id: sid,
                        rm: rm || 'show_table',
                        somenode: "some data"         

  2. var filter_obj = {enable_col_filter: []};
                    $('tr.listitems input:checkbox:checked').each(function(){

  3. $.extend(ajaxparams, filter_obj);
  4. $.post("some url", ajaxparams, function(data, textStatus){}

so I'm creating an array within the "ajaxparams" object, which I fill with some data. So far so good.
Problem here is, the $.post request creates a string like this:


Release Notes Snippet:
jQuery 1.4 adds support for nested param serialization in jQuery.param, using the approach popularized by PHP, and supported by Ruby on Rails. For instance, {foo: ["bar", "baz"]} will be serialized as “foo[]=bar&foo[]=baz”.

since I'm working with perl and not php, this issue is getting a little bit annoying.
Is my only way out "jQuery.ajaxSettings.traditional = true;" here?