Nesting accordions and tabs

Nesting accordions and tabs

I've had some difficulties nesting accordions and tabs. For example: when an accordion is instantiated in an un-active tab it does not size properly and becomes unusable.

I have read an ad-hoc solution of first "activating" the offending tab, instantiating the accordion, then returning the tabs to whatever state you had intended (ie: first tab active). While this works, it would require an incredible amount of additional work to implement for my environment, as I will be allowing users to add accordions and tabs wherever they like and would then need to code the logic to detect how they structured a page and instantiate everything in an elaborate dance of panel activations.

Oddly enough I did not have this problem at all when using the Jquery TOOLS tabs and accordions. I would rather stick universally with the UI library so I am hoping there is a quick fix.


Using the option clearStyle: true allows filling them with dynamic content (ie: other accordions).