newbie 3 part form processing question with include

newbie 3 part form processing question with include

Hi all,

I am a query newbie attempting to incorporate J query mobile into a pre-existing multipage website.

In this case I have this previously working Page setup: 

It may sound a bit odd but it is working fine negotiating with and external website


in this header I have various links (only here)

In the body of this page I have A PHP include to = myform.php

myform.php is and rather complex form that goes in three parts to the external website - (this form came from the external website and is complex so I do not want to have to change any of it at this point, I might mess it up)

Inside this page there really are three separate HTML Pages with headers and everything

1 collect form data1
2 return result then collect form data2
3 return final result

Basically it is working fine as is. The problem is when I attach jquery mobile to my page.php–then I can see that everything looks better, However the page is not returning to the proper locations after submitting the various forms.

ex: form 1 - click submit - then it should come back to the same page (self) and should return a result and jump to form2 (using php if statements to control the flow)

PROBLEM: now after click part 1 submit - it just  shows processing and hangs or if I set something else it may just keep returning to part 1...

I have tried putting and not putting - rel="external" to the submit buttons - it does not help

I'll bet this has to do with jquery and header issues that I don't quite grasp yet....

Any ideas how to get this to work?