.on() .off() namespace.

.on() .off() namespace.

Hey guys, today I experienced a problem a little weird.

I have two functions and two events linked to these functions.

Inside the first function I do an ajax request that if the result of that request is empty I simply clear the event linked to that function, else, I trigger my other event.

The problem was related to the namespace, so I have:
$(document).on('user.location', func);
$(document).on('user.location.check', func2);

What happens is when I trigger the user.location after user.location.check in the firefox it simply loses and make a lot of requests.
It is like a loop.

It just happens on Firefox.
When I change the namespace I fix the problem.

The question is: Why I got a conflict issue if I have different identifications although same namespace(user.location) ?