Override custom "selectmenu" plugin

Override custom "selectmenu" plugin

I'm using v1.3.2 of jqm. Upgrading to 1.4 is not an option(I know the feature I want is in there now, it's not stable enough yet though, and in my tests is going to require a bunch of changes on my end I don't have time for right now).

I'm trying to add in the listview filter ability to select menus. 

Here's an example of what I'm hoping to end up with:

As far as I can tell, if you do the following(note the data-native-menu set to false)
  1. <select name="prefill_item_title" id="prefill_item_title" data-native-menu="false" >...</select> 
The jqm generates a listview in a popup, now it's just the problem of adding in the data-filter="true" so it knows to add in that feature when the listview is created(there's probably some css to deal with too, but I can handle that later).

I have found in jqm where I can change one line, and it does what I want(basically).

Changing line 508 to
  1. self.list.listview({ filter: true });
Gets what I want done.

Now I'm wondering the best way to implement this change that will cause the least ammount of problems down the road. I know altering jqm core is not the answer, so what is?

I did some searching around, and this looked to provide me with an answer, but I'm not sure which approach to use. I think approach 2 is what I should be looking at.

I'm looking at this part:

  1. $.mobile.navbar.prototype._create = function() { ... };

but I'm just not sure what to put to replace "navbar.prototype._create".

Am I attacking this right? What am I missing? Have a better solution? Is there a tutorial someone knows of that goes over similar extensions?

Thank you so much for your time, it is much appreciated!