parse textarea characters

parse textarea characters


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I would like to take the text in textarea and place it into textarea2 upon form submit. But I would like to limit
the characters per EACH line to 20 characters into textarea2. I would like to do this where a word however does not split or be cutoff at the end of a line and be continued onto the next line.

So for example: Let's say textarea was
the quick brown fox jumped over the fence
Upon form submit textarea2 would show

the quick (for line 1)
brown fox (for line 2)
jumped (for line 3)
over the (for line 4)
fence (for line 5)

So spaces can be allowed in any of the line ends, just the words should not be split up leaving part of a word on one line and part on the next line 

Some many thanks, been working a few days on this!!