Passing parameters through URL w/ PhoneGap/Cordova 3.0

Passing parameters through URL w/ PhoneGap/Cordova 3.0

Haven't had much help on SO, hoping someone here may recognize the problem! 

I am in the process of updating my PhoneGap app up to 3.0 from 2.0 (I know, it's been a long time). I have gotten some saying what I have working in 2.0 is not possible in 3.0 but I wanted to ask this to see if anyone has success with it since I feel it should be no different.

Basic concept, I have a JQM list of projects - the project_id is appended to the link tag as the list is created. When a user clicks on a certain project, the next page is called passing the projectID through a URL parameter to the next page that picks up that ID to query the server-side DB to pull down details of that project. Code snippets are below. I am getting an "Error Loading Page" when a list item is clicked right now in Cordova 3.0. Is this logic still possible or does it need to be changed? It is currently working on iOS and Android (Froyo+) in PhoneGap 2.0 - any help is much appreciated!


//list projects $.each(results, function(i,project){ $('#projectList').append('<li><a href="projectDetails.html?id=' + + '"><h3>' + + '</h3><p></p><p>' + project.description + '</p></a></li>'); }); //$.mobile.showLoadMessage(false); $('#projectList').listview('refresh'); });
var id = $(this).data("url").split("?")[1];; id = id.replace("id=",""); ; localStorage.setItem('projectID',id);