Performance Listview, Hoverdelay, Swipe

Performance Listview, Hoverdelay, Swipe


It's been a while since I develop on jquery, my application is almost finished but there are some pretty annoying problems on ergonomics and fluidity to a potential user. 
As you probably know, the first impression will be the user will be the last so long as it is the best possible. 
Now knowing that all other applications on setting performance, developing on JQM smartphone, we manage to bring this performance but it still lacks a little more. 

I developed a fairly light application (230ko compressed and minified, including 200K library JQM 1.4.3 and JQ 1.11) 
To tell the lightness ... 

In addition, I use all the tricks available on a topic in this forum to improve the overall performance of JQM. 

I also decrease the speed of transitions in the css file, hoverdelay, and I try, whenever possible, to pass directly through css solutions to use all the powers. 

Until then no worries on a desk, but using phonegap to spend on a smartphone Xperia S, the performance disappears almost visibly. 
I have a listview containing ten items, the slide in and slide out are catastrophic, perhaps by what he found there buttons or other clickable elements, but impossible to enjoy browsing. 

I understand all the efforts that are provided by the jQuery team to bring native, and I'm totally in love with the simplicity and regular updates.
I do not find how to improve the performance of the listview and swipe. I try to use iScroll and Fastclick without very significant result.
I thought that with the last 1.4.3 update, but its not going to improve. Perhaps it phonegap?

I do not want to give up, I think strong hybrid applications
Thank you for your comprehension