Persistent tooblars and Javascript problems

Persistent tooblars and Javascript problems

Hi everybody,

I write because I've a big problem:

I'm developing a web app that has 4 main pages....
I premise that I don't use a multi-page template.
Every page of the application is generated by php; one of these pages has some javascript code that allows the user to load new elements of a listview every time a "load more" button is clicked.
All worked since I decided to try persistent toolbars....
Now that the application has a persistent header and a persistent footer my javascript code sometimes dosn't work at all.... sometimes, for example, same elements of the listview are loaded twice when I click once.
So, the question is: "is there the possibility that my javascript code does not work because of there are persistent toolbars?....
Can the persistent toolbar interfere with my javascript code?

Thanks a lot