Please help me to make my gallery work (jquery; coin-slider; fancybox)

Please help me to make my gallery work (jquery; coin-slider; fancybox)

Hi all!

Im new here and new in JQuery / Javasrcipt - where I have 2 problems.

I really appreciate if You downloaded the files here! - cause, it's more simple way to make myself clear - I hope.

Or, bit messier version (2 dif. jquerys together), can be found at "codepen":

I use "coin-slider" for main gallery, where i need to see, under slideshow, all the gallery pictures in thumbs (small pictures used) and on slideshow, when clicked on, pictures should open in fullscreen view (bigger pictures used) with the help of "fancybox" lightbox gallery.


PROBLEM 1 >>> Under slideshow, show all pictures that are in the gallery, in thumbs. Currently not showing - managed to show curtain picture, but not to relate to all gallery.

PROBLEM 2 >>> When clicked on the pictures, currently on slideshow - should open in fullscreen view. Currently seems to be in conflict with "coin-slider", cause when "coin-slider" is not linked in the "index.html" file, the fullscreen view works, but pictures are shown in list mode. I believe and hope, that there is small correction needed in the "coin-slider" files for thumbs (problem 1) and some code correction in "index.html" for the fullscreen view (problem 2).

This was long read - thank You for bothering to read it to the end and sorry for possible crammar errors (im non english).

REALLY THANK YOU for any lead to the solution - I tried to google my way out, about week now, with almost non success.