Plugin support for themeroller

Plugin support for themeroller

I would like to see support in themeroller for plugins to define their own UI elements that the user can then style using themeroller, in addition to the standard framework styles.

For example, look at the demo for the data tables plugin at:

This plugin supports theme roller but the plugin uses additional styles that are not covered by the CSS framework - e.g. the odd/even band colours for the rows of the table.

I would like to see an enhancement to themeroller that works as follows:

1. The themeroller web page has an "Add Plugin" button. When clicked it displays a dialog prompting the user to enter a URL of a jquery plugin web page.

2. Themeroller downloads the file at the supplied URL and looks for one of two things:

a) An XML specification of the additional CSS styles the plugin wishes to be styled with themeroller


b) An HTML page with a <link rel="themeroller" href="..."> in the head indicating where to find the above XML file which is then downloaded.

3. The XML is parsed and used to add a section to the left hand accordion of themeroller that allows additional colours / backgrounds/ borders specific to the plugin to be styled by the user. It also defines a  fragment of HTML that is injected into the preview portion of themeroller an area that shows how the plugin will look using the theme. Obviously some sort of security/xss checks will be required on this HTML.

4. When the theme is generated, the encoded URL back to themeroller embedded in the CSS includes the addresses of the XML definitions for all plugins added so that the additional plugin styles are included without having to manually re-add them.

This will enable jquery plugin authors to make it far easier for users of those plugins to style them simply by adding an XML file to their site and a <link> tag into their plugin homepage.