Prefetching page with MODX's Wayfinder

Prefetching page with MODX's Wayfinder

Hi all,

I'm making a jquery mobile website in combination with MODX.
Now I have two problems:

1. The website is very slow on smartphones, so the transition doesn't look nice and after the page has loaded, it's slow to. I tried to prefetch the pages. But I have no idea how I can do this when I use wayfinder. Normally you prefetch the pages with the prefetch-page code in the link. But when I use wayfinder, I don't know where I can place the prefetch code. 

2. My second problem is the cufon script. When I click on a menu item, the cufon font disappears while the page is loading. So only the black hover is visible. It looks not good. This problem only appears on the smartphone. (because the loading time is longer). 

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

This is the mobile website I'm talking about:

Greets Mark