Prevent radio toggler from being checked on page refresh

Prevent radio toggler from being checked on page refresh


I have long forms containing a radio group like this one:

<fieldset id="ctrl_4139" class="radio_container mandatory">
 <legend>How many locations?<span class="mandatory">*</span></legend>
   <input name="locations" value="one_location" required="" type="radio">
    <label>One location</label>
   <input name="locations" value="several_locations" required="" type="radio">
    <label>More than one location</label>
<div id="several_locations" class="addForm2" style="display:none;">

My snippet:

jQuery(document).ready(function () {
  jQuery("input:radio[name='locations']").change(function () {
    jQuery('#' + jQuery("input:radio[name='locations']:checked").val()).slideDown();

This works fine so far, i.e.
– both radios are unchecked on page load,
– additional text fields are displayed if option 2 is checked and
– checking option 1 will hide the additional fields again.

The problem is: If the form is submitted with empty mandatory fields, then the second option is checked when the page reloads with error messages (without showing the hidden div, though).

I'm still a jQuery rookie but logic tells me that if the script hasn't been triggered by checking one of the radio buttons it will be by hitting the submit button.

How can I prevent this? I'd very much appreciate your help.