problem with a caption script

problem with a caption script


I'm a new JQuery user and I've got a problem with a little caption script I use for the web site of my parents in-law :

At the third image of the carroussel, the css bottom property isn't high enough but is the same of all the other ones. I don't understand why my script don't process each div...

my script :

  1.     $(document).ready(function() {
  2.         $(".information").each(function(){
  3.             $(this).css("bottom", $(this).innerHeight() + "px");
  4.         });
  5.         $("#cycle").hover(function(){
  6.             $(this).find(".information").toggleClass("visible");
  7.         });
  8.     });

and the html for example :

  1.         <li>
  2.             <img src="img/vernis_tampon_03.jpg" alt="vernis_tampon_03" />
  3.             <div class="information">
  4.                 <h2>vernis au tampon</h2>
  5.                 <p>ces deux commodes Louis XVI ont été vernies au tampon avec la technique du XVIIIe</p>
  6.             </div>
  7.         </li>
Thank you in advance for your answers and excuse me for my poor english