Programmatically trigger resize event [Solved]

Programmatically trigger resize event [Solved]


I'm working on a scheduler.
I create div block on a mousedown event, then I call resizable() method on the block. The block transforms into a resizable block, and I can manually mousedown the ".ui-resizable-s" element to resize the block.

Ok, cool.
I want to merge this two mousedowns.
I want to create the div, to resizable() it and I want to start to change its' proportions immediately.
So, I expect the code looks like

  1. var block = $("<div/>");

but it doesn't work.

According to the StackOverflow question, it should be possible in the older versions of the jQuery UI library, in the modern one one suggest to use kinda crunch with alsoResize data.

There's similar question related to the  cluetip  functionality, but I couldn't find any usefull information there.

I don't like the crunch version, so I want to ask gurus: how is it possible to trigger resize events programmatically?