Questions about $.ajax url "'url' is undefined"

Questions about $.ajax url "'url' is undefined"


I'm fairly new to Jquery and javascript.

I'm trying to perform an asynchronous HTTP (Ajax) request using this function:
  1. function updateProgressBar(){

            url: '../ExportImport/LakesideImportManager/MyProgressReporting',
            dataType: 'json'

            if(response.completionPercent == 100){

When I debug it using the F12 Developer tools in IE 11, it shows the url as  "'url' is undefined".

Does the 'url: '../ExportImport/LakesideImportManager/MyProgressReporting'' in the $.ajax call have to point to a controller method(I'm using ASP MVC C#)?

Does the url method, "MyProgressReporting", have to be an ActionResult?

Is the url relative to the folder that contains the view where the $.ajax call is located?

Any help that anyone can provide to help me figure this out would be gratefully appreciated.