random white screen after page change with 1.3 beta

random white screen after page change with 1.3 beta

our app is moderately complicated using backbone, underscore, jquery mobile, iscroll and other plug ins.

recently we moved to jqm 1.3 beta 1 in order to support panels.  Since then we have had a lot of issues with transitions between pages not completing - the result being a white screen.

It appears that the page has rendered correctly but that the display style on the page is set to none.  disabling this in firebug or similar shows the correct contents of the page.

We've reverted to 1.2 to attempt to diagnose this and it appears it does not happen with version 1.2.  Of course our panel does not display.

We've found that the issues is most likely to occur on chrome (Windows 7), less likely to occur under Firefox and relatively rare on chrome on the Nexus 7 (which is our target mobile device).

None of the developer tools indicate that any exceptions are being thrown or that there are any syntax errors and so on.  As far as we can tell the resulting html is valid.

If anyone has seen this or can suggest workarounds, we'd be grateful.  Also hoping that this may be interesting to the 1.3 team!

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