Recognizing coming from one page and animating.

Recognizing coming from one page and animating.

So, I have a index page that moves like a slide show when you click a nav link, then sends you to the page. I am trying to figure out how to go from that pages nav links (when clicked), back to the index to automatically play a slide animation, then redirect to the original link intended.

This is kind of funky for me because it is going from one page-to another-to another.

SO IN REALITY, I need help trying to make this thought come to life in my jQuery. I already have the reDirect set up, so it's trying to figure out the index code now to complete it:

Maybe something like this? And if so, HOW DO I DO IT?! lol

if { coming from #connect.php, automatically animate to this location in the slide show, then redirect to #this.php} else {do nothing}

Anybody? Thanks in advance.

Casey Baggz