Remove Formatting no longer removing html tags?

Remove Formatting no longer removing html tags?

It seems as though the removeFormatting button is no longer removing tags. For example, i'm going to paste some code from another response i just made, select it, and click remove formatting:

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  1. $.datepicker.setDefaults({
  2.       dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yy'
  3. });
  4. // elsewhere in your code
  5. $(selector).datepicker();
  6. $(someotherselector).datepicker();

It does do something, but it no longer removes the tags around the text. This makes modifying code that someone pastes from some other editor a real pain.

Another example, here's something copied from without remove formatting applied:

and with remove formatting applied

In the past this function would remove all formatting and tags around the text in the selected text, but it would leave all spaces and tabs in place ( as far as i can tell ).

-- Kevin