Resizable: how original is ui.originalSize?

Resizable: how original is ui.originalSize?


A quick question re the ui object passed by Resizable into the "resize" event handler.  Every time I use Resizable, I find myself having to manually resize one or more children.  To that end, I need to understand by how much the event driver has actually resized.  My immediate thought was therefore to calculate:

dx= ui.size.width - ui.originalSize.width;
dy= ui.size.height - ui.originalSize.height;

Obviously, what I understand/want [dx, dy] to be is the change in dimensions over the previous step (so that I can mirror the incremental adjustment that has taken place).  What happens instead is that originalSize never changes and my [dx, dy]s work out to be cumulative, relative to the (fairly arbitrary and somewhat irrelevant (coz long forgotten)) original size of the Resizable widget.

I have obviously solved this dilemma by carrying around my own state data for "originalSize".  It's tedious but I live.  What I am curious to find out is whether ANYONE here found any use for ui.originalSize?  In other terms, would a request to change the definition/behaviour of ui.originalSize give rise to any compatibility issues with existing code?  Or have I perhaps missed a trick and there's another snippet of information lying about that would allow me to calculate the incremental [dx, dy] on the fly, without the need to carry my own state?


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