Script not working in chrome , firefox etc

Script not working in chrome , firefox etc

`Here is a block of java script code for image slide show.
it woks fine in ie but does not work in any other browser.
plz help me.

     // The list of images to display in the slideshow
        //creating a array of the image object
        var image = new Array("Images/Gallery/Default/20001.jpg","Images/Gallery/Default/20001.jpg",



        //variable that will increment through the images
        var num = 0

        // set the delay between images
        var timeDelay

        //preload the images in the cache so that the images load faster
        //create new instance of images in memory

        var imagePreload = new Array()
        for (i = 0; i < image.length; i++) {
            imagePreload[i] = new Image()
            // set the src attribute
            imagePreload[i].src = image[i]

        function image_effects() {

            var selIndex = 23;

            document.images.slideShow.filters.revealTrans.Transition = selIndex

     function slideshow_automatic() {
        if (num < image.length) {
            //if last image is reached,display the first image
            if (num == image.length)
                num = 0
            //sets the timer value to 4 seconds,we can create a timing loop by using the setTimeout method
            timeDelay = setTimeout("slideshow_automatic()", 4000)
            document.images.slideShow.src = image[num]