Scrollable header strip that moves along as I scroll down Page

Scrollable header strip that moves along as I scroll down Page

Hello All.
My first post on here. Hope I get some help from the specialists.

I have a web page with a header strip. It contains the site logo, a search facility and some html for showing shopping cart summary etc. I want that as I scroll up/down my page, this strip should scroll along with me as well. In essence a mobile header strip, like you see in many sites. See the header strip where the logo and all that is present: 

The html for this all is like:
  1. <div class="container">
  2.     <div class="row">
  3.         <div class="span12">
  4.             <div class="toprow-1">
  5.                 <a class="swipe-control" href="#">
  6.                     <i class="icon-reorder"></i>
  7.                 </a>

  8.                 <div class="top-search">
  9.                     <i class="icon-search"></i>
  10.                 </div>
  11.             </div>
  12.         </div>
  13.     </div>
  14.     <div class="row">
  15.         <div class="span12">
  16.             <div class="mobilelogo mobivisible">
  17. <div class="customer_support">Delivery only in Kolkata, Minimum Order Amount 1,850.00 INR<br> Customer Support: +91  9836757590</div>
  18. <div id="logo"><a href="/Home/Home"><img src="/Images/iconvdv.jpg" title="" width="190px" height="110px" alt="Vino Divino Home"></a></div>
  19. </div>
  20.             <div id="stickyribbon" top:0px"="">
  21.     <div class="header">
  22.     <div id="logo">
  23.         <a href="/Views/Home/Index">
  24.             <img src="/Images/iconvdv.jpg" title="" alt="Vino Divino Home" height="110px" width="190px">
  25.         </a>
  27.     </div>
  28.     <div id="search">
  29.         <div class="inner">
  30.             <div class="button-search">
  32.                 <input type="text" name="Search" placeholder="Search" value="">
  33.                 <div class="search_btn"><img src="/Sliders/srch1.png" height="36px" width="36px"></div>
  35.             </div>
  36.         </div>
  37.     </div>
  38.     <div class="cart-position">
  39.         <div class="cart-inner">
  40.             <div id="cart" class="">
  41.                 <div class="heading">
  42.                     <span class="link_a">
  43.                         <img src="/Images/cart_icon.png" height="26px" width="26px">
  44.                         <b>CART: </b>
  45.                         <span class="sc-button"></span>
  46.                         <span id="cart-total2"></span>
  47.                         <span id="cart-total">
  48.                             0 Item(s)
  49.                             <strong>INR 0.00</strong>
  50.                         </span>
  51.                         <i class="icon-angle-down">
  52.                             <img id="popdowncart" src="/Images/popdown.jpg" width="30px" height="30px">
  53.                         </i>
  54.                         <span class="clear"></span>
  56.                     </span>
  57.                 </div>
  58.                 <div class="content">
  59.                     <div class="content-scroll">
  60.                         Your shopping cart is empty!
  61.                     </div>
  62.                 </div>
  63.             </div>
  64.         </div>
  65.     </div>
  66.     <div class="clear"></div>
  67.     </div>

  68. </div>
  69.         </div>
  70.     </div>
  71.     <div id="menu-gadget">
  72.         <div class="row">
  73.             <div class="span12">
  74.                 <div id="menu-icon">Categories</div>
  75.                 <ul id="nav" class="sf-menu-phone">

  76.                 </ul>
  77.             </div>
  78.         </div>
  79.     </div>
  81. </div>

There's not much into all that html, basically a div class 'container' -> then class 'row' -> then 'span12'. that's how it's built. The 'container' is the main parent container for the strip. I understand, we have to keep altering the css for this strip dynamically as the document senses a scroll event happening on it to make the strip move along with the document as I scroll it up/down. Just haven't got enough ideas to put together the jquery code block

Please help me develop the jQuery for this scrolling header. Look forward to receiving all the help from you on this matter.
Thanks in advance.