Scrollable selectable?

Scrollable selectable?


New to jQuery and love it so far.

I'm working with the 'Selectable' interaction and I have a long list (~100) of vertically stacked children (divs) that are inside a container initialized as 'selectable'. The container is set to 'overflow:scroll' and the height is set with pixels and since there are so many children, there is a vertical scroll bar.

I want to be able to start selecting children with the mouse at the top of the container, then dragging the cursor beyond the boundary of the bottom of the div, then have the div scroll downwards, and continue to select children as they appear from the scrolling.

I notice that scrolling is possible with dragging, but not with selecting?

I also notice that when I even try to select one child, then scroll down manually, clicking on the scorll bar will unselect what has been already selected.

UPDATE: Here's a link to a demo:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.