Seek bar for non audio element

Seek bar for non audio element

I have a fake jPlayer audio who's time and progress bar are set to that of the real player so that it looks like they are the same.

Here's that code in the source jPlayer.js file:

updateFakePlayer: function(realjPlayer) { var self = this; var playlistjPlayer = $(realjPlayer.cssSelector.jPlayer).data().jPlayer; this.status.currentTime = playlistjPlayer.status.currentTime; this.status.currentPercentAbsolute = playlistjPlayer.status.currentPercentAbsolute; this.status.currentPercentRelative = playlistjPlayer.status.currentPercentRelative this.status.remaining = playlistjPlayer.status.remaining; this.status.readyState = playlistjPlayer.status.readyState; this._updateInterface(); },

I don't want to load media in the fake player because the user has to download unnecessary extra files.

However, because I am not loading the media in the fake player then the built in html events will not work, most importantly the seeking (where the user clicks on the seek bar and the audio jumps to that position). So how can I emulate this or create my own? I am wanting it so that if the user does an action on one player, it affects the other one. This works great when the user acts on the real player, but obviously not on the fake one. does this with their players I think.