selectmenu page not closing

selectmenu page not closing


currently we are using jqm 1.3.0, but we tried it with the newest stable 1.4.1 as well with the same results.

from the api documentation:
When it has too many options to show on the device's screen, the framework will automatically create a new dialog-style "page" populated with a standard listview for the options.
with internet explorer this works almost every time. but it kills our app when we use it in firefox or chrome. the listview is shown but after selecting an item, the items are cleared and there is just the header of the selectmenu left. in our code behind we are getting the changed event of the selectmenu, so there is something happening, but the jqm does not go back to the original page. just shows the empty listview for ever.
when i debug it, the close function of the extendSelect function is called twice. first from the event of the list items and for a second time from
  1.                     self.menuPage
                            .one( "pageshow", function() {
                            .one( "pagehide", function() {

i noticed that the second call is not happening when the listview is staying on the screen. so it seems that the pagehide is not triggered.
has anyone experienced something like this, or might can give me a hint on how to solve this?

thanks, kopi