slideDown not responding

slideDown not responding


I'm building a script dynamically to make a list of faqs with answers that slide out when the question is clicked.  Nothing happens on click.  I modeled this after the notes here:

Here's an example of one of the results.  Script and html below.  Any insight would be helpful.

  1. $("#faq_4").click(function() {
  2.   $("answer_4").slideDown('slow', function() {
  3.    // answer revealed
  4.    });
  5. });

  6. <!-- corresponding html -->
  7. <div id='faq_4'>
  8.     this is the question
  9. </div>

  10. <div id='answer_4' style='display:none;'>
  11.   this is the answer
  12. </div>