Sortable not working in IE11

Sortable not working in IE11

Hi there,

i have a problem with a draggable table of mine. I want to be able to drag the <tr>s. Everything works fine on Chrome but IE11 gives me the error

  1. Object does not support the property or method "sortable" 

Basically the html looks like this

  1. <table class="standardTable" id="agendaPreviewTable">    
  2. <thead id="agendaPreviewHead">....</thead>
  3.   <tbody id="agendaPreviewBody" class="ui-sortable">
  4.       <tr class="ui-sortable-handle" style="display: table-row;"></tr>
  5. <tr class="ui-sortable-handle"><td class="idCell"></tr>
  6. </tbody>   
  7. </table>
And my jQuery like this

  1. $('#agendaPreviewBody').sortable({
  2. items: "tr",
  3. appendTo: "parent",
  4. helper: "clone"
  5. }).disableSelection();
I have to admit I haven't worked with draggable content so far and maybe I'm doing something very basic wrong here but all my research so far didn't give me an answer. I'd be greatful for some help.

Thanks in advance and

Greetings Chris