Special characters issue - find random strings like "jQuery20206329934545792639_1415046914457" in data.

Special characters issue - find random strings like "jQuery20206329934545792639_1415046914457" in data.

This question may sound very vague to most of you and I apologize for that. But this problems keeps upsetting our users and we haven't yet found the root cause. 

Our application uses jQuery. Our users enter values in input boxes and a jQuery ajax request is sent to the server to store the data. We are already experience special character issues due to our platform Google App Engine. We are unable to set UTF-8 as the application's character encoding type.

But this problem is really troubling and I need some hints as to what could be causing it. We often find strings like "jQuery20206329934545792639_1415046914457" being sent to the server instead of the data that was entered by the user. This is our ajax code:

dataInJSON = JSON.stringify(dataMap);


async : true,

url : Url,

type : "POST",

beforeSend : function(jqXHR) {



data : dataInJSON,

dataType : 'json',

processData: false,

statusCode : {

401 : function() {

window.location = path + '/index.jsp';



success : function(resultObject) {



error: function (xhr, ajaxOptions, thrownError) {

//handle error




Any help on anything that you think is related to this will help me a lot. I have no idea where "jQuery20206329934545792639_1415046914457" comes from.