Spectrum Color Picker Change event

Spectrum Color Picker Change event

I'm trying to use the spectrum color picker 2.
When I load the page I can click anywhere on the page outside the color picker and the color picker's change event fires. What's more it throws an error when I try to use color.toHexString() because the color is null.

This happens even if I haven't clicked the color picker at all.

I have the option: clickoutFiresChange set to false.

If I can't fix this I can't use this color picker.
How can I make it stop firing the change event every time I click anywhere on the page?

  1. $(clrpkrAcntClr).spectrum({         
              type: "flat",
              flat: true,
              showInput: true,
              preferredFormat: "hex",
              showPalette: false,
              allowEmpty: true,
              showAlpha: false,
              clickoutFiresChange: false,
              change: function(color) {   
                var prmColor;
                try {
                  prmColor = color.toHexString(); // #ff0000
                catch(err) {
                  return false;
                frmEmailTmpl.accentColor.value = prmColor;
                console.log("Color: " + frmEmailTmpl.accentColor.value);