swfobject don't have getAttribute in IE>=9

swfobject don't have getAttribute in IE>=9

Maybe, IE>=9 have some bug when try to access some swfobject's attribute use getAttribute. 

it occurs´╝Ü
when use $("[someAttr=someNumber]") like $("[someAttr=12345]");
when use .remove() to remove a div contains swfobject;
when a div contains swfobject ,and use .draggable() on it.

I tested swfupload & uploadify flash version,they show the same bug.

it seems that the bug only happens when it's a swf uploader.
mybe it only happens when swf bind some js callback,or need trigger some js event,or something.

the bug is in jquery's acceptData function:
  1. acceptData: function( elem ) {
  2.       var noData = elem.nodeName && jQuery.noData[ elem.nodeName.toLowerCase() ];
  3.       // nodes accept data unless otherwise specified; rejection can be conditional
  4. return !noData || noData !== true && elem.getAttribute("classid") === noData;
  5. }
mybe it should be changed to :
  1. return !noData || noData !== true && elem.getAttribute && elem.getAttribute("classid") === noData;

here is my test case: http://jsfiddle.net/Niphor/ejLPk/

here are some related tickets

 someone reported it 13 months ago ,but...