Tablesorter Pager Plugin - calling an extra event after changes

Tablesorter Pager Plugin - calling an extra event after changes

I'm using the Tablesorter plugin with its companion Pager plugin, and also with the uiFilterPlugin found at The basic Tablesorter without paging works well with the uiFilter, but once I add paging I run into problems.

The issue is that the uiFilter applies click events to each appropriate td tag, but each time the Pager changes the table the td tags disappear and reappear.

The solution I came up with was to add a click event to my Pager div which will fire my function to apply the uifilter to the table each time the pager changes the table.  This only works if I remove the return false; after each of the event handlers inside the pager plugin. For example:

  1. $(config.cssFirst,pager).click(function() {


    //return false;



I tried adding a call to my function elsewhere in the Pager plugin, such as in the updatePageDisplay(), renderTable() and moveToPage() functions, but each of those led to unintended behaviour, such as my function being called multiple times.

So, my questions are these:
1. Can anyone think of a better way of achieving this, without having to remove the return false in each of the pager's event handlers?
2. What is the danger in removing those return false statements? They are obviously there for a reason.
3. If my solution makes sense, would it also make sense to make the Pager configurable so that a user could tell it whether or not to cancel all following events, so that the source itself wouldn't have to be modded?