Timing and speed of multiple sliding divs

Timing and speed of multiple sliding divs

Please see this  fiddle I have set up.

You are first confronted by three links. Each link triggers divs to slide out.

  1. The link 'john smith' slides out and in at the speed we want. When it slides out the first line slides out then when that is completed the second line slides down as though coming from the first. When it slides back it does the same motion at the same speed but reverse i.e.. the second line slide back up first and then when that is completed the first line slides back to the left. 

  2. When you click on the work link and menu slides out in the same manner as the bio. Also there is a sub menu that slides out when on clicks on item 2. 

  3. When the user clicks on the contact link one line slides out. 

What we need to achieve is this; when any div is open and another link is clicked on, the visible div slides back in reverse to how they slid in. We have almost achieve this, however, the code is not quite right as the divs are not sliding back in at the same speed and in the right order, they simply slide back fast. For example, if one has clicked on 'work' and the 'item 2' link, and then you select 'contact' the opened div slide back very quickly. What I need to achieve is that they slide back in reverse to how they slid out. 

To attempt to make it clear, if you click on 'work' and then 'item 2' so with menus are visible and then click on work again, you will see the sub menu slides away first before the first menu. You will also notice that the items that slide up slide back down first before the divs slide back to the left. This is what needs to happen if you click on 'contact' or 'john smith' when the menus are visible.

I know this sounds very complicated and if I can answer any questions to make it clearer I will.