toggle checkbox and remove value

toggle checkbox and remove value

Hello and thank you to all who have previously helped me.
I thought I had this working but not any more.

I have a form with a checkbox array.  If the "Other" checkbox is checked, then a textfield appears (in div # fieldOther ).  If "Other" is unchecked, then the textfield as well as the value in it disappears.  That is all working fine.

However, the action on this form takes the user to a page where they can review/edit their form data.  The code below, used to work, so that on this review page, if "Other" was checked, both the textfield (#72) and value in it would appear.  However, now, the value is in their, as I can see by inspecting the element.  But the value unfortunately is not visible.  Weird, I know!

Any help would be appreciated.  I think I'm just missing something simple, as in yes, I know I am the error.

What I'm wondering, is the code below, causing the value 

  1. $(document).ready(function() {
  2. $("#Other").change(function() {
  3. var checked = $(this).is(":checked");
  4. $("#72").toggleClass("required error", checked);//short_field_001
  5. $("#fieldOther").toggle(checked);
  6. var unchecked = $(this).is("");
  7. $("#72").val("");
  8. }).change();
  9. });

html code is below:  As I mentioned, the value is in the code, but the textfield appears blank on  the page.  Thus of course, when I click submit, the value is removed and the field becomes required again.

  1. <input type="text" class="form-control required error" maxlength="150" id="72" value="Mix" name="short_field_001">

Peter T