UI Dialog - How to bind to elements after dialog is loaded?

UI Dialog - How to bind to elements after dialog is loaded?

I have a dialog that loads a page int to the dialog likes so( http://example.nemikor.com/creating-dialogs-on-demand/) but I want to be able to attach to elements in the page once it is loaded into the dialog and call handlers.  This seems like an easy one but I can's seem to get the functionality to work.

This is the page that loads into the dialog...

  1. <!-- product options -->
    <div id='league1' class='team-options'>
    <div id='team-options'>
        <h3>Color Selection</h3>
        <div class='option-list'>
            <p>Select a color</p>
                <li><input name='color' value='red' type='radio' /> Red</li>
                <li><input name='color' value='yellow'  type='radio' /> Yellow</li>
                <li><input name='color' value='white'  type='radio' /> White</li>

        <h3>Size Selection</h3>
        <div class='option-list'>
            <select name='916ps59_size_options' id='916ps59_size_options'>
                 <option value='0'>Small</option>
                 <option value='1'>Medium</option>
                 <option value='3'>Large</option>
                 <option value='2'>X-Larger</option>

I would like to have a handler identify what the user selects after they have mad a selection. I have attempted to create a method to set up bindings and attach it to the :open event.  However, that event appears to run before the page xhtml has loaded into the DOM.


        //Popup window
           //Modal window
        var $loading = $('<img src="loading.gif" alt="loading" class="loading">');

        //For each link with class bind load dialog to the click event
        $('.league').each(function() {
                var $dialog = $('<div></div>')
                var $link = $(this).one('click', function() {
                        .load($link.attr('href') + ' #league-uniform')
                            title: $link.attr('title'),
                            width: 686,
                            height: 448,
                            open: SetBindings()


                $link.click(function() {
                    return false;

                    return false;

This has got to be a simple.  Any one?