Use “Esc” key to accomplish two tasks at once

Use “Esc” key to accomplish two tasks at once

On THIS page, I have a div with the class of “video-wrapper” witch, upon clicking the player’s toggle full screen button, is dynamically added a “full-screen” class.

I aim to remove the “full-screen” class not only by using the toggle full screen button, but by pressing the “Esc” on the keyboard. foe this purpose I have written the code:

$(document).on('keyup',function(evt) {
    if (evt.keyCode == 27 && $('.video-wrapper').hasClass('full-screen')) {

The problem is that this takes two “Esc” key strokes instead of one. The first just exists the browser’s full screen mode and the second removes the “full-screen” class.

How can I exist the browser’s full screen mode and remove the “full-screen” class with one “Esc” key stroke?