Use Sortable for Multiple Columuns?

Use Sortable for Multiple Columuns?

In my design for admin panel, i wanna drag and drop modules. i have a php array with module names, and i need to save them sql like this;

id  |  name  |  order  |  where
1 |  module1  |  1  | leftcolumn
2 |  module2  |  1  | rightcolumn
3 |  module3  |  2  | leftcolumn

there is a demo what i do;

i can list right and left, but when i drag and drop something from one to another, it's not working.
is there any way to do that in jquery? can i get the information about where is the < li > ? how or where can i get the "where" columun?

note: sorry for bad english, not first language.