Using Datepicker and Tooltips

Using Datepicker and Tooltips


I am using the datepicker with an input box, which is inside an < li> element (for formatting purposes). 

The < li> element has a tooltip attached to it. 

Both work fine, and it is more of an aesthetic problem, but when I click in the input box, the datepicker appears. The tooltip is also showing, because we are hovering over the < li> element, but behind the datepicker, as I have altered its z-index. 

If you then move out of the < li> element area, the tooltip disappears, as it should. 

However, the second you click on the datepicker (any bit of it), the tooltip gets stuck on, and even if you close the datepicker or even scroll up and down the page, the tooltip remains. 

Can anyone offer any ideas as to why this is happening?