Vertical News Slider Plugin not working correctly -

Vertical News Slider Plugin not working correctly -

I have some issues with using the vertical news slider plugin that I secured from here: [if you just download the working sample from there you can see the code. It is not so complex.]

Now I did the server side code and all [with C#] which is fetching the desired data from database correctly, as per my logic. No problem there. Then I go to integrate the fetched data with this plugin, so that the slider animation effect is created. See the screenshots.

All the data is perfect here, member names, avatar, their testimonials, dates etc. No worry. But it is clear all the data has appeared at once one below the other [I couldn't post the full length of the page screenshots] and not one at a time as the periodic ticking effect the plugin is supposed to bring. And the jquery animation is not working either.

These are the files I have included: 

This is code snippet from the testimonial main page:
  1. <div id="container">
  2.     <a href="#top" id="back-top"><img src="~/Images/topgo.png" height="24px" width="24px" /></a>
  3.     <div class="container">
  4.         <div id="notification"></div>
  5.         <div class="row">
  6.             <div class="span12">
  7.                 <div class="row">
  8.                     <div class="span12" id="testimonialTicker">
  9.                         <div class="breadcrumb">
  10.                         </div>
  11.                         <h1 class="style-1">Client Testimonials</h1>
  12.                         @Html.Partial("_testimonialTicker")
  13.                         <div class="buttons">
  14.                             <div class="right">
  15.                             <a class="button-cont-right" href="@Url.Action("Index")">Continue
  16.                             <img src="~/Images/continue.png" height="27px" width="27px" /></a>
  17.                         </div>
  18.                         </div>
  19.                     </div>
  20.                 </div>
  21.             </div>
  22.         </div>
  23.     </div>
  24. </div>

This is some code snippet from my partial view
  1. <div class="news-holder cf">
  2.     @if (TestimonialDisplayService.FetchTopTestimonial().Count() != 0)
  3.     {
  4.         int x = TestimonialDisplayService.FetchTopTestimonial().Count();
  5.         List<string> aliases = TestimonialDisplayService.FetchTopTestimonial().Select(item => item.alias_nm).ToList();
  6.         <ul class="news-headlines">
  7.             @for (int v = 0; v < x; v++)
  8.             {
  10.                 <li>
  11.                     <strong>@aliases[v].ToString();</strong>
  12.                 </li>
  14.             }
  15.         </ul>
  16.         foreach (TestimonialBasic itmT in TestimonialDisplayService.FetchTopTestimonial())
  17.         {
  18.             <div class="news-preview">
  19.                 <div class="news-content top-content">
  20.                         <img src="@itmT.mem_avatar" title="View Profile" alt="View Profile" />
  21.                         <p><a href="#"><b>@itmT.alias_nm</b></a></p>
  22.                         <p>@itmT.mem_testimonial</p><br /><br />
  23.                         <p><i>@itmT.testimonial_dt.AsDateTime().ToShortDateString()</i></p>
  24.                 </div>
  25.             </div>
  26.         }
  27.     }
  28. </div>