$.when() surprisingly differs from $.Deferred.promise()

$.when() surprisingly differs from $.Deferred.promise()

What we have

The jQuery documentation describes $.when() as a sort of the promise generator:
If a single Deferred is passed to jQuery.when(), its Promise object (a subset of the Deferred methods) is returned by the method. 
The Deferred.promise() chains all three its event pairs:
  • resolve() - done()
  • reject() - fail()
  • notify() - progress()
At the same time, the $.when() returns a promise which chains the only two event pairs:
  • resolve() - done()
  • reject() - fail()
Look to the following screenshots:

Deferred.promise sample:

$.when sampe

What I would like to see

When the only parameter is used, the $.when() call should return a promise like the $.Deferred.promise() does with all three pairs chained.

In order to provide some acceptable behavior, the $.when() call with multiple parameters should return such a promise that passes any source notify() call to the target progress() callback.

Technical details:

Browser Chromium 66.0.3359.181 (Official) Built on Ubuntu, running on Ubuntu 17.10 (64 бит)
jQuery v.3.3.1