Where/What is _refresh()

Where/What is _refresh()

Actually this is a Problem for me.

I need to control values in a Spinner. I created a table, populated it with <input> and converted the inputs to spinners. I also set min and max values. So far, so good. When one clicks the Up & Down icons, everything works just fine. When there is keyboard input things start to fall apart. The Max value does nothing, I am also using a step size of 5. I get the value and subtract the mod 5 (% 5)  value then put it back, it doesn't go back. Both clamping to max and the mod 5 clamp never make it.

Then there is the matter of  _refresh().

I looked at the ui spinner code, the thing is used 4 times. it is in the core :

_refresh: function() {
            "aria-valuemin": this.options.min,
            "aria-valuemax": this.options.max,
            // TODO: what should we do with values that can't be parsed?
            "aria-valuenow": this._parse( this.element.val() )

The only other place I could find 'area-' was:

    _destroy: function() {
            .removeClass( "ui-spinner-input" )
            .prop( "disabled", false )
            .removeAttr( "autocomplete" )
            .removeAttr( "role" )
            .removeAttr( "aria-valuemin" )
            .removeAttr( "aria-valuemax" )
            .removeAttr( "aria-valuenow" );
        this.uiSpinner.replaceWith( this.element );

I have tried to follow the code  (until my head hurt) and while I know that the spinner updates the value AND displays the new value on the screen, I can't see how it is done,

Like the Beetles song says: "...please help me."