z-index issue with drop down and list view

z-index issue with drop down and list view

On my simple web page i have a form with a select box. I'm Using jquery mobile with phonegap and when i run application on android 4.0 tablet, select box and its label are not visible. when browse through code (weinre debugger), i can see html code for select box but its not showing it up. and on another page i have a list view with 5 list items. on that screen its the same. i cant see list but html code is there. 

when i try to open same on a web browser, everything is fine. issue is only with android 3.0 above table application. 

any suggestions / guess why this weird behavior. 
jquery mobile - 1.3.1 + phonegap 2.8 + android 4.0 tablet.

Thanks in advance,

Android Developer.