jQuery UI and touch devices

jQuery UI and touch devices

I've been trying to track down information on jQuery UI and touch devices, like iPod Touch & iPad (I have both) and Android devices.

This patch: http://dev.jqueryui.com/ticket/4143 is interesting, but incomplete as it only works for iPhones.  Easy fix, but I'd really rather not maintain my own branch.  I'm really not that up on jQuery and don't have the time right now to learn it's internals - even enough to maybe make that patch into a plugin or something.

I see many comments, including on the patch page, that touch support is coming.  Well, I'd like to kindly and gently encourage that to happen sooner rather than later.

For a little background: I had been using Scriptaculous for the last 4 years and, afaict, it has always handled touch devices well.  I was encouraged to switch to jQuery/jQuery UI.  I ported my application this week and found touch support is absent/lacking.

With Scriptaculous, I made use of Ross Boucher's stuff (http://rossboucher.com/2008/08/19/iphone-touch-events-in-javascript/) and it worked great.  Using the same code with jQuery UI, not the same results.  In particular, I'm using Sortables.  When touch-dragging, it works fine, but it doesn't drop unless I lift off the device and touch the screen again.  That just kills the fun.

So, what can I do to help?  I'd be glad to test with the iPad and iPod touch.  Anything else I can do?